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In 2017, Argosy commissioned Community Music to produce a new CD featuring the two-time GRAMMY(C) Award winning duo Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer. We picked 10 of the best songs from Ballads for the Age of Science. Cathy & Marcy created new arrangements and chose a fine group of musicians. The result is a joyful update of songs many of us remember as earworms that infect listeners with scientific literacy. You may download and read the press release as a PDF, or read it online as a DOCX (Microsoft Word) file. Here are some of the accolades this album has received.

Activity Guides!
Lynn Baum (Turtle Peak Consulting) headed the team that created the most complete, amazing, and fun activity guides for classroom or home learning to go along with each song. You’ll find everything you need for science fun right in your own home or classroom. The guides are included on the CD (if you access it as a computer drive, rather than as a music CD) and as free downloads. We are very proud of these guides, and hope they will help teachers prepare lesson plans.

The songs were originally published as a set of 6 monophonic LPs (Ballads for the Age of Science) in 1961, and use simple, catchy, and easily learned words and music to introduce scientific concepts and terms. They were ground breaking and received many accolades and awards. But perhaps the most gratifying praise is that, decades after these recordings were out of print, fans created web sites and Facebook pages in their honor. Thank you to all the fans who remembered and persevered. We hope you like these new versions at least as much as the originals.

They Might Be Giants recorded and perform a cover of "Why Does the Sun Shine" ("the sun is a mass of incandescent gas") and their wonderful parody/update called "Why Does the Sun Really Shine" ("the sun is a miasma of incandescent plasma"). Most of the sun's mass is plasma, but some is a gas (NASA - Sun-Earth Connection), so both versions are partly right.

List of Songs:
Zoom A Little Zoom (Rocket Ship)
Constellation Jig
What Makes The Lightening?
Why Does The Sun Shine?
Snowflake, Snowflake
We Know The Air Is There
Bobo The Bear
What Is An Insect? (A Cricket In A Thicket)
Zoom A Little Zoom Reprise

Dick & Linda Bangham ( RipBang Pictures ) added visual zip to the package. They also created the videos listed above.

Here's a fine (and fun, of course) interview with Cathy & Marcy, discussing this album and their Sing to Your Baby album.

Cathy and Marcy have put together a show with videos, singing, and experiments. An early version of this show engaged 19 first graders for almost 90 minutes. Having these two present our songs is wonderful! Do what you can to make sure all the kids (and their adults) you know see this show. That will include encouraging venues to book it. For more information, see their flyer.

How to buy Zoom a Little Zoom:
For more information, including sales, please see Cathy & Marcy's store. We encourage you to buy CDs from their store, but you can listen to the album through Spotify, buy CDs and digital downloads from Amazon, or buy digital downloads from iTunes.

Sing along, dance along, try an experiment, and (as we did making this CD) have as much fun as you possibly can!


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